Budgeting Calculators

Budget Percentages -- Find out if the amounts you are spending on food, housing, transportation, entertainment, etc. are within guidelines set by financial planners.

Expense Percentage Calculator --  Find out what percentage of your income you are spending on housing, groceries, transportation, entertainment, medical expenses, etc. Create and print your own expense report.

Generic vs. Store Brand Calculator --
This calculator shows you how much money you'll save over the course of your lifetime when permanently switching from a name brand to a generic product and it will calculate how much interest you could earn if you were to invest all or part of those savings as you realized them. 

Inflation Calculator -- Find out how your money loses its buying power over time.  This will help you budget for the future, particularly your retirement.

Lifetime Earnings Calculator -- Find out how much you could save for retirement.

Periodic Spending Cost Calculator -- Find out how much the nonessential things you buy everyday are costing you and how much you could save over the years if you gave them up.

Brown Bag Calculator -- Find out how much you can save just by bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out -- the average savings is $10,000 in just two years!

Millionaire Calculator -- Find out how long it will take you to become a millionaire based on various savings amounts and time.

Net Worth Calculator --  What is your net worth? Use our calculator to evaluate your assets and liabilities and print out a personalized financial statement of your net worth.

Life Insurance Calculator -- Find out how much life insurance you would need for your family to maintain their current lifestyle. 

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