Free Credit Repair Program -- 28 Sample Letters Included

You should never pay someone else to repair your credit.  In a consumption-driven society that operates on credit, every citizen should learn how to improve and maintain their own credit rating to save a significant amount of money throughout their lifetimes.  My name is J. M. Boyd.  I an an accountant and consumer advocate who has researched how to improve credit ratings and I offer this information to you completely free of charge.  This is NOT a credit repair scam program.  The credit improvement program is based on federal law, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires the credit reporting agencies, or credit bureaus as they are often called, and the companies who report information to them, to give every American citizen the right to establish an excellent credit rating.

This credit repair program is based on the laws of the United States and is not applicable outside the 50 states, Washington, D.C. and American territories.  If you have any questions while you improve your own credit rating, please contact me and I'll be happy to give you personalized advice.

Visit the Credit Library for background information about credit reports and credit scores.

14-Step Credit Repair Program

Step 01: Order Credit Reports

Step 02: Evaluate Your Credit Reports

Step 03: Get Incorrect Information Removed

Step 04: Bankruptcies, Judgments and Liens

Step 05: Charge-offs and Late Payments

Step 06: Student Loans

Step 07: Mortgage / Auto Loans

Step 08: Bank accounts / ChexSystems®

Step 09: Accounts Belonging to Ex-Spouse

Step 10: Unauthorized Inquiries

Step 11: Add Supplemental Information

Step 12: Follow-up to Step 3

Step 13: Closing and Opening Accounts

Step 14:  Add a Consumer Statement

Sample Credit Repair Letters

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