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The bankruptcy code requires those filing bankruptcy to obtain credit counseling from an approved agency in the six months immediately prior to filing bankruptcy and complete a debtor education program after filing bankruptcy. A Certificate of Completion obtained from the credit counseling service must be submitted with the bankruptcy petition.

The cost for the credit counseling varies -- from a low of $0 to $50.  Some credit counseling agencies provide online credit counseling while others require attendance in a classroom setting or personal one-on-one credit counseling.  The counseling session is supposed to last about 90 minutes.  When a person completes a credit counseling course, she is given a certificate.  This certificate must be submitted at the time the bankruptcy is first filed.

The lists of approved credit counseling agencies and debtor education providers are always being updated because credit counseling agencies lose their certification and new ones are being added.  To find a certified credit counseling agency or debtor education provider in your area visit the Department of Justice website's list of approved credit counselors and debtor education providers.

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