Who Shouldn't File Bankruptcy?

Any of the situations below might bar you from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be your only alternative if you cannot file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

In any event, if any of the below conditions are applicable to you; you should definitely consult a bankruptcy attorney before proceeding, and not do it yourself or use a do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit:

1.  If you filed bankruptcy within the last six years or filed a petition for bankruptcy within the last 180 days and it was dismissed;

2.  Those whose debt consists mostly of the non-dischargeable type;

3.  If you lied on a loan application or ran up a considerable amount of debt in the last several months;

4.  If you ran up debt in the last several months when it was obvious that you did not have the means to repay it;

5.  If someone else co-signed for (guaranteed) a debt (the creditor will go after the co-signor);

6.  You are the partner in a business or operate a corporation;

7.  You own your own home or an expensive car and live in a state with unfavorable bankruptcy exemptions.

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