Washington, D.C. Laws on Wage Garnishments, Statute Of Limitations on Debt and Bankruptcy Property Exemptions

Federal law applies.  [Government employees exempt from wage garnishments for ordinary debts]

MAXIMUM INTEREST RATE  Legal: 6%   Judgment:  70% of interest rate on taxes to IRS

Open Account (credit card):  3 years
Written Contract:  3 years
Domestic Judgment:  20 years
Foreign Judgment:  Foreign Statute Applies

BAD CHECK LAW DAMAGES:  Check amount plus protest fees


The District of Columbia exempts the property below from seizure by bankruptcy court to pay creditors.  You may claim either the exemptions below or the federal exemptions

Real Estate:  None
Personal Property:  Food and fuel amount to last three months [15-501(a)(3) and (4); clothing up to $300 [15-501(a)(1) and 15-503(b)]; motor vehicle, wagon, horse and harness up to $500 [15-501(a)(7)]; books and family pictures up to $400 [15-501(a)(8)]; beds, bedding, radios, cooking utensils, stoves, furniture, furnishings and sewing machines up to $300 total [5-501(a)(2)]; business inventory and materials up to $200 [15-501(a)(5)]; cooperative association holdings up to $50 [29-1128]; library, furniture, tools of professional or artist up to $300 [15-501(a)(6)]; mechanic's tools and tools of a trade or business up to $200 [15-501(a)(5) and 15-503(b)]; residential condominium deposit, unlimited amount [45-1869]; notary public seal and documents, unlimited amount [1-806]
Insurance:  Fraternal society benefits, unlimited amount [35-1245]; disability benefits, unlimited amount [35-522]; group life insurance policy or proceeds, unlimited amount [35-523]; life insurance proceeds if policy prohibits proceeds from being used to pay creditors, unlimited amount [35-525]; other insurance proceeds up to $60 per month for two months, if head of household, then up to $200 per month [15-503]

Debt Statutes  > Washington, D.C.
Pensions / Retirement Plans:  Public school teachers, unlimited account [31-1217 and 31-1238]; judges, unlimited amount [11-1570(f)]
Public Benefits / Entitlements:  Unemployment compensation, unlimited amount [46-119]; workers' compensation, unlimited amount [36-317]; aid to blind, aged, disabled, and families with dependent children, general assistance, unlimited amount [3-215.1]; crime victims' compensation, unlimited amount [46-119]
Wages:  75% of earned but unpaid wages or pension payments [16-572]
Miscellaneous:  Business partnership property; library, furniture, tools of professional or artist to $300; mechanic's tools, tools of trade or business to $200; motor vehicle, cart, wagon and horse to $500; stock and materials to $200