Missouri Laws on Wage Garnishments, Statute of Limitations on Debt and Bankruptcy Property Exemptions

WAGE GARNISHMENT EXEMPTIONS:  90% of weekly net earnings if head of household; if single without dependents, 75%

MAXIMUM INTEREST RATE:  Legal: 9%  Judgment: 9%


Open Account (credit card):  5 years
Written Contract: 10 years
Domestic Judgment: 10 years (renewable every 3 years)
Foreign Judgment: 10 (renewable every 3 years)

BAD CHECK LAW DAMAGES:  Three times check amount or $100 whichever is greater; not to exceed $500 plus attorney's fees


Cannot use federal exemptions, but can claim the federal non-bankruptcy exemptions

The State of Missouri has exempted the property and income below from seizure by the bankruptcy court to pay creditors:

Real Property: Real property to $8,000 or mobile home to $1,000 (exemption cannot be doubled) [513.430(6) and 513.475]
Personal Property:  Animals, appliances, books, clothing, crops, furnishings, household goods and musical instruments up to $1,000 total [413.430(1)]; motor vehicle up to $1,000 [513.430(5)]; implements, books and tools of trade up to $2,000 [513.430(4)]; jewelry up to $500 [513.430(2)]; burial grounds up to one acre or $100 [214.190]; health aids, unlimited amount [513.430(9)]; wrongful death recoveries, unlimited amount [513.430(11)]
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Insurance / Annuities:  Fraternal society benefits up to $5,000 is purchased more than six months before filing bankruptcy [513.430(8)]; disability or illness benefits, unlimited amount [513.430(10)(c)]; insurance premium proceeds, unlimited amount [377.090]; life insurance proceeds if policy owned by woman and insures her husband, unlimited amount [376.530]; life insurance proceeds if policy owned by unmarried woman and insures her father or brother, unlimited amount [376.550]; life insurance dividends, loan value or interest up to $5,000, if purchased more than six months before filing bankruptcy [513.430(8)]; unmatured life insurance policy, unlimited amount [513.430(7)]
Pensions / Retirement Plans: Municipal employees, unlimited amount [71.207]; state employees, unlimited amount [104.540]; teachers, unlimited amount [169.090]; firefighters, unlimited amount [87.090, 87.365, and 87.485]; police officers and police department employees, unlimited amount [86.190, 86.353, 86.493 and 86.780]; political officials and employees, unlimited amount [70.695]; retirement benefits, amount needed for support / only payments being received [513.430(10)(e)]
Public Benefits / Entitlements: Veterans' benefits, unlimited amount [513.430(10)(b)]; workers' compensation, unlimited amount [287.260]; aid to families with dependent children, unlimited amount [513.430(10)(a)]; social security, unlimited amount [513.430(10)(a)]; unemployment compensation, unlimited amount [513.430(10)(c)]
Wages:  75% of earned but unpaid wages (90% for head of family) [525.030]; wages of servant or common laborer to $90 [513.470]
Miscellaneous:  Alimony or child support up to $500 per month [513.430(10)(d)]; any property up to $850 plus $250 per child if head of family, otherwise up to $400 [513.430(3) and 513.440]; business partnership property, unlimited amount [358.250]