Do You Have a Complaint About a Debt Collector?
If you would like to share a complaint you have about a debt collector with other visitors to this site, complete the form below and it might be published.  By sharing your experiences with creditors an debt collectors and how you resolved them, you can help others get out of debt and not be taken advantage of by debt collectors.  You can submit your information anonymously.  Any information that reveals your identity will not be published.
Name of creditor or collection agency
What did this company do, if anything, that you feel was in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?
What is or was the amount of the debt owed (it doesn't have to be exact)?
If this debt involved a credit card company, which one was it?
What type of debt was it?  (Credit card, medical, student loan, etc.)
What information would you like to share with others?  (Example:  What tactics you used to reach a good settlement)
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