Sample Credit Repair Letters

Sample Letter 27:  To Creditor, Ask Creditor to Remove Student Loan Late Pays


Loan Company
City, ST   Zip

Re:  Account of ___________________; Account No. ______________________

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am writing this letter to request that the late payment notations you placed on my credit report be removed.  Although I admit that these late payment notations are true and accurate, I am hoping that you will agree to remove them since they are hampering my ability to get credit (or employment, etc.).

When I made these late payments, I did not appreciate the gravity of what I was doing.  I was young and immature and did not realize how negatively paying late when impact my credit rating. I now understand how important it is to pay on time each month and maintain an excellent credit rating.  As my payment record shows, I have paid on time for the past year and plan to continue doing so in the future.  

I understand that you are in no way obligated to remove the late payment notations and that they can remain on my credit report for seven years.  But I am hoping that you will consider removing them a bit earlier.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name and contact information

Sample Letter 28:  To Regulatory Agency, Request Help Regarding Student Loan Notations


Student Loan Default Prevention Department
State of _______________
City, ST   Zip 

Re:  Student Loan of _________________, SSN ____________________

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to you to find out if you can assist me in a problem I am having regarding my credit rating and the related late payment notations that appear on my credit report.  

My credit score is very low as a result of the student loan late payment notations (or default notation) and I am certain it is preventing me from winning a job offer with a company that pays a decent salary.  I believe this is true because the ten companies I have interviewed with the last several months are very enthusiastic about hiring me until I give them permission to look at my credit report.  

Although I am now current on my student loans, they are eating up a huge part of my monthly income and more and more I do not have enough funds to pay for the necessities of life.  I need to find a better job so I can more comfortably afford to keep paying my student loans.  I believe that I am headed for a default sometime in the near future if I cannot find a higher paying job soon.  I don't believe I am going to be able to find a better job so long as these negative notations remain on my credit report.

I have tried to get (name of company), the company servicing my student loan, to remove the negative notations, but they refuse.  Is there anything you can do to help me get them removed?  Perhaps you could ask (name of company) to remove them so that I can avoid a future default?  Thank you for your time and any assistance you can provide me in resolving this matter. 


Your Name and contact information

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