Sample Credit Repair Letters

Sample Letter 7:  To Creditor, Negotiate for Removal of Negative Information


Name of Company
City, ST  Zip

Account of:
Account Number: 

Dear _______________:

This letter is to confirm our telephone conversation of [date] wherein you agreed to accept $___________ as payment in full for the above-referenced account.

In exchange for my making the above-mentioned payment, your company has agreed to delete both the charge-off and late payment notations appearing on my [name of credit bureau] credit report.  After payment has been made, the notation "paid as agreed" will be included on my credit report.

If you agree to the above, please sign and date this letter and return a copy to me.  Upon receipt of same, I will immediately mail payment of $_____________ to you.

Signature ____________________________    

Date ______________________________

Title _________________________________


Your Name
Mailing address
Telephone number

Sample Letter 8:  To Credit Bureau, Request Consumer Statement Be Added (Unemployment)


Name of Credit Bureau
City, ST  Zip

Re: Credit report of _______________
Address:  __________________________
Telephone:  __________________
SSN:  000-00-0000

Dear Sir or Madam:

Under section 611(b) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am requesting the following consumer statement be inserted in my credit report exactly as I have written it:

"On 00/00/00 I and [number of employees] other employees of [name of employer] were laid off due to [reason why laid off].  As a result, I fell behind paying my debts.  I found employment on [date found employment] and began catching up paying my delinquent debts.  My overall credit report shows an excellent payment history.  If it weren't for losing my job, I would still have a perfect credit rating.  I believe the late payments associated with the [name of creditor] account are not a true reflection of my creditworthiness."

Please send me an updated copy of my credit report once the above statement has been added to my credit report.  Thank you very much.


Your Name

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