Credit Repair Program -- Step 12.  (Follow-up to Step 3)

Getting Incorrect Information Removed from your Credit Report.

Step 12 assumes that 30 to 45 days have passed since you completed Step 3 and that one or more of the credit bureaus either (1) failed to respond to your dispute at all; or (2) reinvestigated and changed the information as you requested; or (3) responded, but informed you that a reinvestigation was completed and the information remains as is on your credit report.

If a credit bureau failed to respond, it is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  You can send a second, harsher letter demanding a response or you can send a letter requesting they delete the information in dispute since they have missed the "reasonable time" provision under the FCRA.  (See Sample Letters 17 and 18)  It is recommend that you send these letters certified mail, return receipt requested.  You will once again give the credit bureau 30 days to respond to your second letter.  Mark the date on your calendar.

If the credit bureau responded by updating the information as you requested (for example, added a "paid in full" notation), then there is nothing you can do so remove negative true information.  Once an entry is stated fairly, accurately and up-to-date, then your only solution is to try and get the creditor to remove the information or add a consumer statement to your credit report explaining the circumstances that led to the negative information in the first place. Negotiating with your creditors to remove negative information is discussed in Step 5 and in the Debt Settlement section of this website.  Consumer statements are discussed in Step 14.

Step 13: Closing and Opening Accounts
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