Sample Credit Repair Letters

Sample Letter 3:  To Credit Bureau, Order Copy of Credit Report


Credit Reporting Agency (Experian, TransUnion or Equifax)
City, ST   Zip

Re: Credit report of John M. Doe, III
Address:  111 E. Main Street, Anytown, NY 00000
Former Address: 555 E. Oak Avenue, Anytown, NY 00000
SSN:  000-00-0000
DOB:  00/00/00

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please send me a copy of my credit report.  Attached you will find my check to cover the $____ fee.  

Note that I recently moved from 1234 James Street, Anytown, Texas  to 4321 Any Avenue, Dallas, Texas.  I have attached a copy of my driver's license with my new address for identity verification purposes.   My new telephone number is (000) 000-0000.


John Doe   [You must sign the letter]

John M. Doe, III

Sample Letter 4:  To Credit Bureau, Account Belongs to Former Spouse


Credit Reporting Agency (Experian, TransUnion or Equifax)
City, ST   Zip

Re:  Name
       Phone number

Dear Sir/ Madam:

This letter is to request that an account belonging to my ex- (wife or husband) be removed from my credit report.  The account is under the name of  _______________, reference number ____________.  I have attached a copy of that portion of my credit report with the account I'm referring to circled in red.

My ex-(wife or husband) and I were divorced on _________________.  The account you have listed on my credit report was opened by (him or her) as an individual account after our divorce was final and should not be listed on my credit report.  

Please remove this information and send me a corrected copy of my credit report as soon as possible.  


Your name


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