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Sample Letter 9b to Debt Collector:
Request Debt Collection Agency Verify Debt  (See also Letter 9 and 9a)

Certified Mail No.  _______________
Return Receipt Requested


Name of Collection Agency
City, ST   Zip

Re:  Account of [name account is under]; Account No. [Insert account number]

Dear ______________:

I am writing in response to the letter you sent to me dated [date of letter] wherein you claim that I owe $[xxx.xx] to [original creditor].  I dispute the accuracy of this claim because [it was paid in full on ______ OR it is not my debt, or I was never made aware that I owe this debt].

As is my right under federal law, I am requesting that you provide me with written proof of the validity of this debt within 30 days of the date you receive this letter, and that you make it clear to both the original creditor and the credit bureaus to whom you report that I am disputing the validity of this debt.


Your name
Complete address
Telephone number


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