(3) Skip the big wedding cake.  Big, grand wedding cakes are very expensive and they often have too much fondant and decorations on them.  Order a smaller wedding cake and then enough sheet cake to feed all of your guests.  If your wedding is small, you could cut costs significantly by ordering an undecorated wedding cake and decorating it yourself.  You can find cake decorations at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

(4) Save on a wedding gown.  Many people don't realize that there are both summer and winter wedding gowns and if you buy a gown after the spring or fall wedding season is over you can save as much as 30 percent off of your wedding dress.  Wedding gowns designed for spring or winter don’t vary that much in style or materials.  You can also save big on wedding gowns at sample sales.  For example, a $2000 designer wedding gown might sell for as little as $300.

(5) Photography costs.  Consider hiring a budding photographer or a student at a photography school rather than a seasoned professional.

Ways to Save Money
on Weddings

The average cost of a medium-sized wedding today is around $20,000, but you can reduce the cost of your wedding significantly by utilizing many of the tips below:

(1) Get Married on a Friday.  It turns out that Friday is the least popular day of the week to get married; therefore, those who work in the wedding industry such as wedding planners, caterers, professional wedding photographers and such might give you as much as a 20 percent discount if you get married on a Friday.  Don’t get married on a Saturday, which is the most popular day to get married and the most expensive since wedding professionals charge a premium for their services on weekends.

(2) Cut the catering bill.  Caterers will charge you less to serve brunch or lunch than they will to serve a dinner entrée.  They will charge you much more if you let your guests choose from several different dishes.  Don’t give wedding guests a choice as to what they can eat. 
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Save Money on a Wedding
(6) Do a Budget Wedding. If you really want a budget wedding, you could do the following:  (a) Buy all of your wedding clothing at Target.  Yes, Target, the discount retailer.  The idea of buying wedding clothing at a discount retailer sounds odd but Target offers a line of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl outfits, and tuxedos that have received good reviews for quality and style, and it costs significantly less than what you would pay at traditional wedding gown and tuxedo shops; (b) order a small wedding cake from a supermarket bakery and enough sheet cake to feed all your guests; (3) hold the wedding in your backyard or some public location that doesn’t require a big leasing fee; (4) ask guests to take pictures throughout the wedding and send them to you.
Average cost of a wedding cake is $800!