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Ways to Get Free or Low-Cost Prescription Drugs

Free or Low Cost Prescription Drugs.  Partnership for Prescription Assistance (https://www.pparx.org/ ) and RxAssist.org offer resources for finding free and low cost prescription drugs.   If your household income is below median (about $48,000 for a family of four), you may qualify to receive discounts on generic versions of 50 prescription drugs for about $30 each.  More information is at www.rxoutreach.com.  You can also visit Partnership for Prescription Assistance at pparx.org or by calling 888-4PPA-NOW to find out if you qualify for free drug coverage.

Drug Manufacturers. Many of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Pfizer, give low cost or free prescriptions to those who do not have medical insurance and do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid.  Just go to their websites and look for a link to get free medications or visit needymeds.org or other prescription drug clearinghouses. Many of these companies have a form you can fill out that will tell you instantly how much they can help you lower the cost of your medications.

State programs. Many states have programs to assist their citizens in obtaining low cost prescriptions.  Do an online search for “prescription programs” and the name of your state to find links to these websites or go to CoverTheUninsured.org. There are private organizations that will help with the cost of your prescription medications:  FamiyWize.com --  RxHope.com – ATDN.org -- HealthWellFoundation.org – CDFund.org.   There are also organizations that help those with specific illnesses, such as kidney disease or cancer and may provide help paying prescriptions or co-pays or insurance premiums. 

Some of the websites are: 

American Kidney Fund (www.kidneyfund.org)
Chronic Disease Fund (www.cdfund.org)
CancerCare (www.cancercare.org)
Association of Community Cancer Centers (www.accc-cancer.org)
International Oncology Network (www.iononline.com)
Patient Services Incorporated (www.uneedpsi.org)
National Children’s Cancer Society (www.beyondthecure.org)
Health Well Foundation (www.healthwellfoundation.org)
Patient Access Network Foundation (www.patientaccessnetworking.org)
Caring Voice Coalition (www.caringvoice.org)
Geriatric Services of America (www.geriatricsevices.com)
Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief (www.patientadvocate.org)
Patient Advocate Foundation (www.copays.org)
Needy Meds (www.needymeds.com)

The Center for Medicare Advocacy (www.medicareadvocacy.org) is a national group that helps those qualified receive prescription drug assistance from Medicare.

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