Ways to Save Money on Food and Groceries

People who do not know how much they spend on groceries each month are twenty times more likely to be over their heads in debt than those who know exactly how much they spend on food each month.  Those struggling with debt are always surprised that when they keep a record of every food-related purchase made for a month, including dining out, fast food stops, vending machines, etc., and realize just how much they spending.  The fast food lunches and Starbuck coffee purchases really add up.  This money could be better used to pay down debt instead.

If you kept a record of every penny your family spent on food, including dining out and fast food purchases for two months, you might be surprised to discover just how much you're wasting on unnecessary items, too, such as prepackaged or ready to eat meals and such.  It is recommend that you keep a record of what your family spends on food for a two month period so you can determine how to reduce your monthly food budget.   Of course, everyone has to eat, but there are ways you can reduce your food budget significantly. 

If you want to significantly lower your grocery bill you must also learn to love comparison shopping.  If milk sells for 20 percent less at one particular store, then you need to know that because the savings over a year will add up.  For example, if your family drinks exactly one gallon of milk per week and a gallon of milk costs exactly $3.00, then a 20 percent savings is .60 per week x 52 weeks which equals a $31.20 annual savings.  That isn’t much money but it is just for one item.  If you could save that much every year on many items, your annual savings would be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The good news is that modern technology, specifically smart phones and their supermarket apps, have made it easy to do comparison shopping and find out which store is offering the best deal on what item at any given time.  It is very easy to do comparison shopping over the Internet or from your smart phone using the many different supermarket apps that can be downloaded for free.  You can make price comparisons  while sitting on your sofa watching television.  You don’t have to drive all over town visiting stores searching for the lowest price anymore.

The Ways to Save Money on Food and Groceries section is organized in to the subjects below.  This section contains seven pages of money saving tips on food and groceries.

Save Money With Food Coupons

Save Money with Grocery Apps and Technology

Miscellaneous Tips on Saving Money while Shopping at the Supermarket
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