Ways to Save Money Shopping

Save money using your smart phone while shopping.  Take advantage of all the discounts and coupons your favorite stores offer by registering at their websites.  Then, while shopping at their stores, use your smartphone to compare prices with what they are selling the item for online and with their competitors.  Many stores will price match their own websites and the price of their competitors.  It is important to know that many stores price items differently across the country based on variances in income and marketing research.

Double up on coupons. Some online stores allow you to use more than one coupon code for each order which might allow you to take advantage of free shipping as well as discounted merchandise.  If you don’t have any coupons, visit a website, and register with the company so that they have your email address and then start shopping, but don’t check out or pay.  Just put a lot of items in your online shopping cart and then walk away from the website.  Many stores want your business so badly that they will try to lure you back by sending coupons or discounted offers to your email sometimes the same day! You can then go back to the website and order the items you wanted, but this time with a coupon code and maybe even free shipping.

Shop at Outlet Malls and Stores.  Merchandise at outlet stores usually sells for as much as 60 percent off and they often carry the same items from the same manufacturers that sell at well-known retailers for significantly more.  Outlet malls have additional savings programs, such as clubs that give regular shoppers discounts and coupons.  Don’t assume that merchandise is on sale at an outlet store since sometimes they are not really a bargain and might be made of lower quality materials.  Do comparison shopping online at Google.com/shopping. 

Rewards and loyalty cards – If you haven’t signed up for retailers’ rewards or loyalty cards, you’re spending thousands more than you have to every year for the products and services you love.  Below are just a few of the hundreds of rewards and savings cards retailers offer to their customers.  It would be well worth your time to spend a Sunday afternoon visiting company websites and signing up for their rewards and savings programs.  Some of these cards are credit cards that you might not want to apply for, but some are not credit cards at all, and at least one (Target) offers a debit card instead of a credit card.  Applying for a store credit card can hurt your credit rating sometimes and it is important to remember that you must pay off any rewards credit card in full each month for the savings to count.  If you’re paying high interest fees every month to carry a balance, then you aren’t saving any money.  Examples of rewards programs are:

(1) Everyone needs office supplies and everyone wants to save on them.  Sign up for Staples Rewards Program at staplesrewardscenter.com or Office Depot’s program at Officedepotrewards.com and start saving money

(2) One of the best rewards programs out there is Target’s REDcard which gives you a 5% discount on all purchases both in stores and online PLUS they let you stack coupons and use it in conjunction with Target’s Cartwheel program for smart phones and Facebook users (cartwheel.target.com), so you save even more.  They also have a pharmacy rewards program. Find out how to sign up at http://www.target.com/redcard/main
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(3) Everyone shops at the drug store from time to time and both Walgreens and CVS have really good rewards programs to help you save lots of money. 

The CVS program gives you a 2% discount on purchases and you can sign up online at https://www.cvs.com/extracare 

Walgreens rewards program allows you to earn points when you purchase certain items.  What’s interesting about this program is that they will allow you to earn points living a healthy lifestyle and exercising.  Check it out by going to Walgreens.com and clicking on the “Balance Rewards” link at the top of the page.
(4) Kroger.com is the largest supermarket chain in the USA and they offer a rewards credit card that allows you to earn points towards free groceries and discounted gasoline.  Many supermarket chains might offer a similar card.  Remember that store credit cards come with a very hefty interest rate and you must pay off the balance in full each month, otherwise, it is actually costing you money rather than saving you money to use them.  Visit the website of the supermarket chain you frequent and find out what programs they have that will save you money.

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