Save Money With Automatic Price Drop Alerts

You can actually get refunds on items you have already purchased if the price of that item drops or a competitor sells it for less.  These refunds are available from major retailers, credit card companies and airline companies and it is like receiving free money.  Examples:

(1) Retailers. Some stores offer to give you a partial refund if a product you have bought from them recently goes on sale or drops in price or if one of their competitors sells it for less within the next two weeks or 14 days.  Stores like will give you a partial refund if their merchandise goes on sale and Home Depot and Office Depot will match the price of their competitors.  Signup at and register the products you’ve recently purchased and they will send you an alert when the items start selling for less.  Other price drop alert services are and  When you receive a price drop alert from one of these services, you can then request a cash refund for the difference in the price you paid from the store where you purchased the item.

(2) Credit Cards. Some credit card companies offer a similar program, which they call “free price protection guarantee”.  The terms and conditions are stringent, but if something you recently purchased drops in price and you still have your sales receipt, your credit card company might refund you the difference in price.  Check the terms of your credit card or call your credit card issuer to find out if you have this protection.

(3) Airlines.  Some of the major airline carriers such as Virgin America, US Airways and JetBlue will refund you the difference in the price of your airline ticket if the price drops after you purchased it.  You can monitor this by signing up at or  They will alert you if the ticket you purchased does drop in price.

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