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Save on Prescriptions and Over the Counter (OTC) Medications

You’ve probably heard of people paying just $4 for drugs that might sell for $80 or more.  Some people are savings hundreds of dollars each month on both prescription and OTC drugs by doing the following:

(1) Use discount cards from the major pharmaceutical companies, who are trying to compete against generic brands.  You can save lots of money by visiting pharmaceutical websites and looking for a link to apply for a discount card.  For example, Lipitor can be purchased for less than its generic equivalent using a co-pay discount card by signing up at Lipitor.com.

(2) Buy drugstore generic OTC products.  It doesn’t matter if its aspirin, vitamins or sunscreen, generic brands are just as good and of a higher quality than the national name brands.

(3) Use drugstore coupons.  Don’t forget to visit drugstore websites before shopping and printing out coupons for the products you need.  Some of these coupons offer significant savings, sometimes as much as $5 off!

(4) Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club,  Kmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Costco, CVS, Rite Aid and others are selling deeply discounted generic drugs, some for as little as $4.  They can do this because they purchase in mass bulk from the manufacturers and pass the savings on to their customers.  But be aware that signing up to participate might involve paying an enrollment fee and not all drugs are available.  Some programs are only for the uninsured or for medications that insurance doesn’t cover.  Don’t be afraid of generic drugs – studies have found that they are often better than the name brand drugs.  Costco sells prescription drugs for 50 percent less than competitors and you don’t have to be a member to use their pharmacy (just tell the person at the door that you’re going to the pharmacy).
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(5) Ask your doctor to prescribe the generic version of a drug since doing this can save you up to 95 percent than the name brand ones.

(6) Ask your pharmacist if she has any promotional coupons available

(7) Visit pharmaceutical company websites and search for discount card savings programs, which can save you 20% or more on name brand drugs.

(8) Shop in rural areas rather than in metropolitan areas where drugs are often priced significantly higher.  If you call around to ask what they charge, be sure and ask for a discounted price since most pharmacies will quote you a higher price over the phone
(9) Many pharmacies will give you a discount if you get a 90-day refill instead of a 30-day refill

(10) Take advantage of any discounts that you can , such as discounts for senior citizens or college students

(11) Compare drugstore prices for prescriptions at GoodRx.com or buy your drugs from an online pharmacy such as HealthWarehouse.com.

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