Ways to Save Money on Food With Grocery Apps

Supermarket apps are loaded with all types of discounts and features that allow you to organize your shopping, make a shopping list, and compare deals at various stores and cross-reference manufacturer coupons with other offers. For example:

  • Android has their Grocery Smarts Lite app which tracks items and prices at stores such as Target, Walmart and others.
  • Grocery iQ is an app that works on Android, iPhone and iPad. 
  • Cellfire is a grocery-coupon app that lets you load coupons from about 3500 supermarkets and retailers on your loyalty card.
  • RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin are very popular apps as is DealCatcher.com.  The Shopular app (ShopularApp.com) can be downloaded to your phone and when you’re close to certain retailers, they will automatically send you coupons.
  • Websites such as PriceGrabber.com and Shopping.Yahoo.com let you compare deals while you shop.
  • The website ibotta.com lets you earn $20 or more every time you shop if you’re willing to participate in a short quiz and at Hopster.com you can increase a coupon’s value by watching short videos
  • You can download free grocery apps at Google (https://play.google.com/store/apps) or iTunes.Apple.com (search:  grocery gadgets or grocery apps).

Download browser add-ons.  Download browser add-ons if you want to keep on top of what is on sale or get a coupon.  While you’re shopping online, a browser add-on will pop up and tell you about coupons and sales.  Top add-ons are JoinHoney.com (for the Chrome browser), ShopAtHome.com, Huckster.com,  ZenDeals.com, BeFrugal.com, Poachit.com, getpromofly.com  and priceblink.com.   Clipix.com is a browser add on that lets you list the items you want to buy and then notifies you when they go on sale.  Shopkick lets you earn points for visiting certain stores and redeem the points earned for free food and various products.

Use Social Networking Sites to Find Bargains and Coupons.  Many stores are using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to offer coupons and discounts, and Foursquare to send alerts to customers’ mobile devices whenever they are shopping at a store. Check stores’ Facebook and Twitter pages for daily deals at stores near you. Many of the big retailers, like Walmart, will post coupons on their Facebook pages. 

Use QR Apps to Save Money.  A QR app can be loaded on to your smartphone and while you are shopping you can scan QR codes, which are similar to a bar code on a product, for deals if you have an application..  You can get free QR apps at iTunes or at coupon websites such as CouponSherpa.com and Coupons.com.  Google offers the Google Shopper for Android phones.  RedLaser (redlaser.com)  is for iPhones and ShopSavvy (shopsavvy.com) is for both Android and iPhones. One of the most popular apps is PriceGrabber, which lets you scan in an item’s bar code or product name and tells you who has the best price.  Other well-known apps are Pushpins (pushpinsapp.com) and Yowza (https://getyowza.com/).
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Use store  loyalty cards.  Some supermarkets, like Kroger, allow you to download coupons from their websites directly to a loyalty card with a load-to-card capability.  Instead of handing over paper coupons to the cashier, you just swipe your loyalty card. Some stores have kiosks located in the front where customers can scan their loyalty cards and the discounts will automatically be deducted when they check out if they purchase those items on sale.  CardStar.com allows you to load all of your loyalty and membership cards onto one app so you can take it with you when you go shopping.

Use a supermarket scanner.  Some supermarkets are allowing customers to shop using a handheld scanner that rings up their purchases while they shop, offering them discounts on some items.

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Take advantage of price matching.  Many stores will match their competitor’s prices if you show proof of an item’s cost.  Proof usually means bringing in a circular or showing the offer via your smartphone.

Price matching is usually only valid for one or two weeks.  Walmart, Target and many other national chain stores will match or beat the price of their competitors.  Amazon.com will also will refund you the difference if you find a lower price from one of their competitors within 14 days of your order and if they lower the price within 14 days after your order, they will automatically give you the lower price.