Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

Food manufacturers issue more than 179 billion grocery coupons every year, but only a small number, less than 3 billion, are ever redeemed.  The average coupon is for $1 off and expires after ten weeks. Good and reputable coupon websites are – Has many of the coupons you would find at and other coupon websites.  Like the way the site is organized in that you can search by category.  Also has a section of free stuff and samples you can order. – Offers grocery coupons you can print as well as coupons available for those who have loyalty cards with participating stores.  You can also get coupon codes for 15% or more off at various retailers. – Is a directory site with links to many other places you can get grocery coupons, restaurant coupons, free samples, etc..  If you wanted to bookmark one coupon site to find out what is out there, it would be this one. – Has digital coupons for about 24,000 supermarkets and drugstores, but you do not use them like traditional coupons.  Instead, the money you save is accumulated in an account and you can receive gas or a gift card. Read all the rules before you sign up.  You can download an app for both Apple and Android devices. You must sign up by providing your email address and creating a password.  Once you have done that, you can register your loyalty cards from participating stores.  -- Like the way it is organized.  List dozens of your favorite retailers’ coupons you can download to your smartphone, print out or get the coupon code if you’re shopping online.  Has the same grocery coupons as the other websites. – Like the way it is organized.  Can search by different categories.  Has grocery, retailer coupons and coupon codes.  Like the freebie section – where you can get free stuff – Is a clearinghouse type of website where they list deals at other money saving and coupon websites.  Offers a coupon clipping service for the extreme shopper

CouponNetwork. – Has different coupons that other sites.  Must register to print some coupons, but was unable to complete the registration process as it rejected my zip code and favorite store information. 

There dozens of websites you can visit and register to receive coupons or download them to your smart phone, but be careful, as some of them are operated by thieves (the sites mentioned above are safe). You can check out whether a coupon website is legitimate at  But beware, some people fall into the coupon trap and actually spend more on groceries because they buy items they wouldn’t normally buy just because they have a coupon. Go to and click on the “goods” button to find out what deals you can get on dozens of products and services that day.  Often, you can register to receive coupons and free samples just by typing the name of the product in the URL locator, such as;;,, etc.
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Register with company websites to get grocery coupons and exclusive coupon offers. Often, you can register to receive coupons and free samples just by typing the name of the product in the URL locator, such as;;,, etc. Sign up for coupon alerts at also allows customers to sign-up for coupon alerts at their website. Find a list of retailer’s weekly discounts at compares online prices at Costco, Walmart, Target, Walgreens and and tells you which one is the lowest. You can save at least 10 percent (about $700) on your groceries every year if you use coupons wisely. 

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Buy coupons.  Some companies will provide you with hundreds of supermarket coupons for a bargain price.  At and websites you can purchase hundreds of supermarket and retailer coupons for about 20 percent of their face value.  Use them at stores that let you stack coupons (such as Target) or that double the value to save even more on groceries..

Find other coupon clipping services by doing a Google or Yahoo search for “coupon clipping services”.