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How to Deal with a Debt Collection Agency

What Should You First Do After Being Contacted by a Debt Collector?
Debt Collection:  Frequently Asked Questions
What are time-barred debts?
How to Handle Abusive Debt Collectors
Recording Conversations with Debt Collectors
How to Get a Collector to Stop Calling You
Watch Out for Scavenger Debt Collectors
How Did a Debt Collector Get a Judment Against Me for Old Debt?
Debt Collection Arbitration Process
How Do I Get a Debt Collection Notation Off of My Credit Report?
Sample Letters to Debt Collectors

Federal and State Laws Regarding Debt Collection

State Statutes of Limitation on Debt Collection
State Statutes on Enforcing a Judgment
State Laws Regulating Debt Collection
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

FTC actions against debt collectors
FTC Admits Debt Collection System is Broken
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau on Debt Collection

Debt Negotiation -- Table of Contents

What Are Your Options Regarding Debt?
Is Debt Negotiation for You? 
Why Creditors Are Willing to Negotiate Debt
Alternate Repayment Plans
Reduced Settlements
Negotiating with Unsecured Creditors
Negotiating with Debt Collectors
Obstacles to Negotiating with Creditors / Debt Collectors
The Negative Side of Debt Negotiation
What are the Odds of Being Sued If I Don't Pay?
Make It Harder for Creditors to Sue You
What Settlement Amount Should I Offer?
Negotiating Medical Debt
Negotiating Credit Card Debt
Negotiating Tax Debt

21 Sample Letters Addressed to Creditors and Debt Collectors:

Letter 1:  To Creditor: Request a Temporary Payment Reduction
Letter 2:  To Creditor: Request a Proportional Payment Schedule
Letter 3:  To Creditor: Request a Reduced Settlement
Letter 4:  To Debt Collector:  Debt Settlement Letter
Letter 5:  To Creditor: Request Temporary Payment Suspension
Letter 6:  To Debt Collector: Propose Payment Schedule 1
Letter 6a: To Debt Collector:  Propose Payment Schedule 2
Letter 7:  To Creditor: Request Lower Interest Rate
Letter 8: To Debt Collector:  Stop Harassing Me!
Letter 8a: To Debt Collector:  Cease All Contact
Letter 8b: To Debt Collector:  Failure to Contact Attorney
Letter 8c: To Debt Collector:  Contact at Inappropriate Time
Letter 8d: To Debt Collector:   Illegal Contact by Post Card
Letter 8e: To Debt Collector:   Stop Contacting Me At Work
Letter 8f: To Debt Collector:   Requested a Post-dated Check
Letter 8g: To Debt Collector:  Cease Abusive Conduct
Letter 8h: To Collector:  Unauthorized Disclosures to Third Party
Letter 9: To Debt Collector:  Don't Owe Debt (First Letter)
Letter 9a: To Debt Collector:  Don't Owe Debt (Second Letter)
Letter 9b: To Debt Collector:  Dispute Validity of Debt
Letter 10:  Report Debt Collector to FTC

Wage Garnishments

Wage Garnishments
Federal Law Regulating Wage Garnishments

Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling Introduction
Questions to Ask a Credit Counseling Service
The Negative Side of Credit Counseling
Legal Actions Against Credit Counseling Services
Credit Counseling and the Bankruptcy Code
Court Approved Credit Counseling Services


What is Bankruptcy?
What Does Bankruptcy Cost?
FAQ About Bankruptcy
Types of Bankruptcy
What Happens After Filing Bankruptcy
Automatic Stays
Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions
Federal Non-Bankruptcy Exemptions
State Bankruptcy Exemptions
Non-Dischargeable Debts
Who Shouldn't File Bankruptcy
Revisions to the Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Means Test
Directory of Bankruptcy Court Websites
Bankruptcy Court Approved Credit Counselors
Bankruptcy and Medical Debt
Can Student Loans be Discharged in Bankruptcy?
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