Free Things On the Internet and Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free online storage.  Why pay a company to store your information when you can store it for free at which offers 5GB of storage completely free.

Free cell phones and smart phones.  Before you pay retail for a new phone, go to and find out what kind of discount you can get on a new phone if you sign up for a wireless carrier at their website.  Although most phones can be purchased at deeply discounted prices, some are actually completely free.

Free computer programs and software. ( has free software and programs that anyone can download free of charge.  You might not need to purchase software at all. You can get free security software at and , both of which work just as well as the security software you pay for such as Norton or McAfee.  If you think Microsoft Office Suite is expensive, then perhaps you should try Google Drive, which does basically the same thing as MS Office Suite and it’s free.  If you’ve ever purchased Photoshop, you know how unbelievably expensive it is, but Picasa or both do about the same thing and they’re both free!  If you used these few products mentioned here, you would save more than $1100!

Free apps.  There are thousands of all types of apps available for download free of charge, but don’t download them from just anywhere since thieves offer free apps to install malware.  Find a list of secure free apps at

Free music.  Download music for free at in the MP3 music section and at  You can also listen to free music through websites such as and

Free education.   At, you can learn computer programming for free and at you can take free online college classes.

Free language lessons.  Why pay hundreds of dollars for foreign language tapes and materials when you can find out about free language lessons at or through the BBC who offers free courses in Spanish, Italian and French (website:
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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

There are thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and there are apps to help you find them.

Cable Wi-Fi.  Five of the top cable companies now offer free Wi-Fi at 50,000 hotspots around the United States.  Find out if there is one near you at

Wi-Fi Apps.  Download the Wi-Fi finder app, which uses your smartphone’s GPS function to locate free Wi-Fi hot spots in your area. 

Online Lists:  You can find a list of free Wi-Fi spots at 

Libraries.  More than 80 percent of public libraries offer free Wi-Fi access.

Restaurants.  Some restaurants, such as most McDonald’s and Starbuck's,  offer free Wi-Fi as well.

Cities.  Some municipalities have made an effort to provide free Wi-Fi throughout their cities.  Find out if your city has free Wi-Fi at

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