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Where to Find Free Things

Free Beauty Tips.  Get free beauty tips and learn how to apply makeup through a sales person who sells Merle Normal cosmetics.  You can get a free mini-facial at Origins and a style touch-up and mini conditioner at JC Penney.  Sephora offers free classes on skin care and beauty (Sephora.com/beautystudio)

Free legal help.  The American Bar Association (ABA) offers free legal assistance in communities where attorneys volunteer to do free (pro bono) work. Find out what is offered in your area at probono.net or go to findlegalhelp.org.  Almost all cities of a certain size have a legal aid office – just do an internet search for “legal aid” and the name of your city or state.  If you live in a community that has a law school, you might be able to find free or low-cost legal help from law students.  If you want to forego hiring an attorney, you can create your own legal documents at LawSmart.com.

Free paint and carpeting.  Before you actually pay for home improvement supplies, ask the hardware store employees if they have anything for free in the back of their store.  For example, sometimes paint colors aren’t mixed correctly and they can’t sell it or it’s a weird or unpopular color and they want to get rid of it.  The same situation with carpeting – carpeting stores have remnants that can be used instead of buying new

Free stuff people are giving away.  Before you pay retail for something you want, perhaps you should find out if someone is giving the same used item away free.  There are websites where people can list things they no longer want for free.  All you have to do is arrange to get it.  Visit websites such as Freesharing.org and Freecycle.org

Volunteer to get Freebies.  People who regularly volunteer at sporting events, concerts, theaters, golf tournaments, film festivals, fairs, community centers, food banks, at the hospital and such get to meet new people, famous people,  and make new friends.  It’s a great way to attend an expensive concert or sporting event free of charge and often volunteers get free meals too.  Check out the following websites to find out how you can actually get paid to volunteer:  Senior Corps at  www.seniorcorps.org; Volunteers of America at www.voa.org; and the Resource Center at www.nationalserviceresources.org. 

Free Money for Utility Bills.  Many states and cities want you to save energy so badly that they will give you a free energy audit of your home and they might even pay some of the costs associated with making your home more energy efficient.  Find out what programs are available in your state at dsireusa.org.
Free Things at your Public Library

You might be able to enjoy all kinds of free things and entertainment at your local public library.  The amount of free things available depends mainly on the size of the town or city where you live. 

Free things you might find at the public library:

(1) There is no need to subscribe to your favorite magazines when you can read them for free at the library.  You can browse through magazines you didn’t even know existed.

(2) You can rent videos for free with a library card.  The quality of the selection of videos depends on the size of the library.
(3) Read the latest best sellers as well as the old classics for free

(4) Access websites that you usually have to pay to access, such as ancestry.com, using the library’s membership

(5) Some libraries might  allow you to check out e-readers, cameras, or  laptops

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